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EditJennie Dougherty

Technology is not equitably distributed, and I am a teacher on a mission to change that by:

1. Providing the highest quality user-test for entrepreneurs and researchers of educational technology.
2. Offering Team Beta Classroom Members and their students free access to benefits of the ed. tech. revolution.
3. Publishing reviews of “Teacher Approved Technology” to help educators find technology that can help us redefine the potential of our schools.

My goal is to set up partnerships between Team Beta Classroom and…

1. Startups, entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators that are looking for opportunities to test out their designs and products,

2. Individuals looking to determine the extent to which technology can transform the classroom’s potential,

At the end of an adventure filled summer, Beta Classroom has created Beta Testing Lab & Learning Center, which is run by Beta Classroom Team’s extraordinary educators.

By providing the highest quality user-test we help entrepreneurs see their technology from a teacher’s perspective.

Our Team and those we partner with share the same goal of creating technology that will optimize teaching and improve student outcomes.

About Me and My Classroom

I am a high school English teacher and work at one of the largest comprehensive urban high school’s East of the Mississippi. In my class, all students are required to believe in their potential, assume the pursuit of higher education and hold themselves to the greatest of expectations. My students deserve equitable access to the technological innovations that are transforming the very dimension of the classroom’s potential. They have a right to be included in the revolution, and not left behind or separate from it.

If there are any individuals, entrepreneurs or startup companies interested in partnering with myself and my classroom for the coming academic year, please contact me.