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EditJoao Carreira

Joao is currently the CEO of Critical Links, a venture-backed company he co-founded in 2007 and a pioneer in the Education and Communications market spaces.

Joao’s entrepreneurial career dates back to 1998 when, as a Ph.D student, he co-founded Critical Software to develop highly Mission Critical Software for the Aerospace market and then grow the company from scratch to become an international reference in the field with reputed customers such as NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, ESA, Westland Helicopters, among others. Joao subsequently led business development efforts to open new international software technology markets in diverse sectors such as Defense, Telecommunications and Semiconductors.

Throughout his career Joao has successfully led software product development, has build & grow dynamic, fast moving teams in the software industry, raised venture capital funds for technology startups, and developed successful business alliances and partnerships globally in various technology fields and markets.

Joao is an avid international traveler and passionate learner of different cultures, history, and geography. His natural skill to connect and establish relations with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds has always pushed him to work in international markets. He is specially attracted by the pace and challenges of emerging markets.

Joao holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Coimbra in Portugal and a Masters in Technology Commercialization from the University of Texas at Austin. His academic research work focused on Distributed Computing and Fault-Tolerance at Coimbra, the Vrije Universiteit in the Netherlands, and the University of Edinburgh. He authored more than 30 scientific papers including in the IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.