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24×7 Learning

24×7 Learning Private Limited is an online e-learning company delivering enterprise, academic, and language learning solutions.

360 Job Interview

Career Development

8d World

8D World provides an online virtual world for global English-as-a-foreign-language (EFL) learners to learn and improve spoken English in a motivating and contextually relevant “language environment”.


Presentations AMPLIFIED! 9Slides is a next generation online media platform which lets you use existing presentation content to recreate experience of watching presentation live over internet.


9thPeriod is a new and exciting global social education network and academic platform.


WallWatch is a facebook group that attempts to help identify potential student threats through peer monitoring and tagging.

Aaron Bridges

Aaron Lee

Abdul Kasim

Academia allows academics to follow research and other work by top professionals in the field.

AcrossWorld Education

AcrossWorld has developed the first cloud-based platform to enable colleges, universities, and K-12 schools around the world to access open educational resources.

Advanced Brain Technologies

Our vision is to transform the life of every person by making sound brain fitness universally attainable.

Advisory Market Place

“We will make easier how people solve questions, get advices, and get accurate information.”

Alexandre Scialom


Alphastudy, a training & learning management system, aims to be the easiest way to conduct online training & elearning. No install, no contracts.

Amanda Moritz

Social Marketing Manager at Brainscape. Formerly a cognitive sciences researcher with MIT’s Neuroscience department.

American Public Education, Inc.

Advancing at a steady click: The success of our students; The value of our approach.

American Sentinel University

Offers online associate, bachelors, and master’s degrees.

Amit Maimon

Andrew Cohen

Founder & CEO of Brainscape. Former eLearning consultant; Fulbright fellow at World Bank; MA Education Technology at Columbia University. Created Brainscape v0.1 as a personal project in an Excel macro, before deciding to build the team and pursue the project full time in 2009.

Andy Lutz

Director of Marketing for Brainscape. Former VP of Product at the Princeton Review, managing web & live courses earning > $100m in revenues per year.

Apps of All Nations LLC

Apps of All Nations is an iPhone/iPad/Android application producer.


Augmented reality and interactive story telling.


Assistly pulls all your customer service conversations into one place — where every motion counts. It is built for speed – Assistly brings all your contacts and customer service applications and usage into one pane, instead of users having multiple windows or programs open. Assistly helps you monitor the customer experience on social networks and [...]

Atheneum Learning

Atheneum Learning leads the way in delivering best-in-class, evidence-based behavioral health eLearning courses

Auto Draft

Collaborize is a web-based solution designed to harness the creativity of a group and organize ideas and feedback.

Auto Draft

Flashcards Deluxe is an easy to use, yet powerful iPhone/iTouch/iPad flashcard app which you can use to study just about anything you want.


No need to schedule groups of employees for courses, no travel costs. Keep your staff on the job and free up your trainers for more meaningful on the job training – Avanti is an e-training system to deliver trainings anytime anywhere.


Powering the world’s creativity, Aviary makes easy to use photo editing API for web and mobile apps.

Avici Software

Avici Software makes WhiteboardHD, a collaboration tool for the iPad.


Baydin makes email more fulfilling.

Benjamin Berte


Get better at your career, hobbies, and school subjects in one place. An interest network to help you get better at everything


Better yourself and others in 1000+ ways. Find the right people to help you learn ___________ or anything else.


BetterLesson is a free social web platform that allows teachers to find and share the highest quality instructional content and practices.


BrainCogs is an online search and information resource for research, strategies, and tools to help people learn.


Brainscape is a web and mobile platform that helps you study things more efficiently, using an adaptive flashcard repetition algorithm.

Brazen Careerist

Where ambitious young professionals connect and grow.

BSG Team Ventures

Established in 1997, BSG Team Ventures (formerly Boston Search Group) is an international leader in retained executive search for emerging, high–growth companies. Our mission is to build deep, “trusted advisor” relationships with our clients, and to do so with a keen appreciation for the unique requirements of entrepreneurial ventures.

Over the past decade our principals have completed more than 300 board and senior management search assignments, for a slate of clients that includes venture capitalists and private investors, their portfolio companies, and public companies with a strong commitment to entrepreneurship and technology. Partnership between our Boston– and UK–based operations also helps both European and North American clients as they expand abroad.

Our offices are in Boston, New York, San Francisco, and London.


Bundlr is a social network for content, that lets you easily select the best content on the web into public theme pages.


Free online language learning community.

Camelback Education Group

Camelback Education Group, Inc. (CEG) is an investment and management company focused on the higher education industry.

Campus Explorer

College search and information guide.

Career Education Corporation

We are a global education company committed to quality outcomes and career opportunities for a diverse student population.


Navigate your future.

Carnegie Speech

Carnegie Speech Company is the premier developer of software for assessing and teaching spoken language skills

Cengage Learning

Learning solutions, trainings, and educational publishing.

Cherstin Harris

Cheryl Johnson

Christy Campbell

Chromatik Music

Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses


Find the est online degrees and programs for you.


Clouenvision Collorate!s all your resources to manage the expectations of Board, Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents and Administration to improve staff productivity with least total cost of ownership


CodeLesson is Online Technology Learning for Professionals.


The easiest way to practice English with a native speaker.

College Bridge

College Bridge is a non-profit organization serving children and families in California through tutoring, test preparation, college planning, after school academic enrichment and parent education programs. Our mission is to increase college access and persistence for under-represented students. The strategy we employ to accomplish this is to provide comprehensive academic and counseling services to students in grades Pre-K-16 and their families. We partner with school districts and higher education institutions serving low-income, minority, first-generation students to develop and implement programs so students:

1. attain early academic achievement beginning in Pre-K,
2. graduate from high school college-ready,
3. succeed on college entrance and placement exams,
4. apply and be accepted into college,
5. finance their college education, and
6. persist through college graduation.

Concentric Sky

Concentric Sky offers web development and consulting services with a focus on emerging technologies such as Social Media and the iPhone.


Contently is an online content and profile manager for journalists, writers, publishers, and professionals.


Kayak for continuing professional education


Makes it easy to find, compare and enroll in all types of high-quality, local learning experiences.

Critical Links

Critical Links helps small and medium K-12 schools move to School 2.0 faster, without the complexity and the costs. Critical Links provides a plug-and-play School 2.0 solution that combines all the technology required to run a 21st century school.The total addressable market for the Education Appliance™ is estimated to be worth more than $1 billion a year.
The Education Appliance™ has been deployed worldwide, including at over 1,200 schools in the world’s largest school modernization program in Portugal, as well as in Senegal, Ecuador, Namibia, Brazil, among many others, and has been referenced by Forrester and Gartner.
Critical Links’ vision is to establish itself as the technology foundation of the School 2.0 where educational Apps, Services, and Content, on Cloud or Premises, are plugged-in, managed, controlled, and securely provisioned to the school community. We want to build the virtual school community from the bottom up.

Cross Knowledge

Learning for a better life: distance learning and elearning.

Culture Kitchen

Culture Kitchen connects ethnic cooks with people who want to learn ethnic cooking in their homes.


Do the Things You’ve Always Wanted To: DailyPath is a community of people learning and accomplishing new things together. Pick your Path, subscribe in 10 seconds, and get a short, actionable lesson in your inbox every day for two weeks.

David deForest Keys


The new degree for the new world.

Demibooks Composer

Demibooks Composer is an iPad-based authoring software for creating interactive books.


School Workflow Management

Digital Ignite Learning

Digital Ignite provides eLearning technologies and consulting services for Credential Bodies, Associations, Non-Profits, and Global Enterprises.


In the cloud, your stuff is scattered over a lot of different services. Dispatch is a new way to manage and share your stuff, by bringing it together into one place.

Dojo Learning

Online training, untangled.

Don Spear


Career Development

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is a voice to text app for iOS devices.


Revolutionizing the Way We Teach and Learn



Online copy editor developed to find frequent and common typing errors.

School sms alerts, college sms alerts, school email alerts, college email alerts, One stop communication software intergrated with SMS, EMAIL, Voice sms and two way sms.


Career Development

Education Dynamics

Find. Enroll. Retain.

Educational Options

Connect. Grow. Succeed. Blended classrooms, dropout reduction, credit recovery, adult education, summer school, state test prep.

Educaton Connection

Connecting you to a better tomorrow – it’s your education, make an informed choice. Fill out a survey and get information on colleges that offer popular and matching programs to your interests.


An award-winning nonprofit that specializes in equipping schools, colleges and other orgs with research and tools to help students, parents and staff take measurable steps to success.

EduKart is a self-paced learning marketplace for affordable courses and certifications


A revolutionary approach that combines powerful, interactive multimedia-rich content with personal interaction with other students and your virtual mentor via a multi-interactive Video Conferencing System.

Edway Online

Infrastructure / Service Provider


Online training and courses.


Finally. A better way to use the web for teaching English.


Engrade connects over 2.8 million school administrators, teachers, students and parents through easy-to-use web-based classroom tools

Enspire Learning

Enspire Learning’s creates exceptional educational experiences for learners around the world by inspiring and motivating learners to retain, internalize, and apply knowledge more effectively.

eSpindle Learning aka

We provide 100% personalized vocabulary tutoring based on a database of 180,000 words. We are a nonprofit; currently spinning of a new vocabulary assessment tool as a for-profit company.


Creator of a multi platform note taking application for mobile devices.


Excel Everest

Excel Everest is an interactive & engaging Microsoft Excel tutorial built from inside an Excel workbook.


Find and select the best continuing education


Find and select the best continuing education


Write yourself in – a community where you can share your writing, connect with other readers, and discover new stories and authors.


Fileboard is a service accessed from the iPad that helps manage files and attachments across email, Dropbox, Evernote, and other cloud repositories.

Filipe Batista


Film Street introduces young people to the world of films and film making, highlighting film making techniques in fun an exciting ways.


Find a specialist in topics of your interest – FindProz is your talent manager to learn the skills you want to, when you want.

Franklin Electronic Publisher

Textbooks / ebooks


Frolyc creates thematic applications for learning through questioning, exploration and frolic.

Gabble On is a language reclamation website where we believe that anyone with a few minutes to spare each day can use reading to get back, maintain and continue to learn a second language.


GabbleOn is an online translator and community.

Gary Fuhrman

Genii (vocab)

An online game that helps you build English vocabulary. Give us 90 seconds, and we’ll teach you new words!

GigaPan System

Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses


The corporate classroom online.

We are filling the professional education gap between university and corporates, especially professional services firms.

GLS (Games, Learning and Society)

The GLS Conference is the premier event in the field of videogames and learning.


Gnowledge is a free-to-use education platform where everyone can create, publish, share and take tests, exercises and assignments.


By combining collaboration tools & intelligent messaging, GoingOn provides a private academic social network, where students & faculty can connect, collaborate & learn.

Gwijo (PinchSwipeTap)

Interactive language learning for mobile devices.

GYLO (GetYa Learn On)

GYLO increases revenue for publishers through Next Gen assessment platforms & premium products.

Hazel Media

Vernacular Language Mobile Applications for Masses


Aggregation platform for the education space (Kayak for class/activity search).

High Five Labs

Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses

Hyper Island

World leading life-long learning for professionals and talents all around the world.

Idapted Live

Language Learning

Infinity Learning Solutions

Teach, Share, Learn.
Infinity Learning Solutions is focused on building software for online delivery of learning services.


What do you want to learn about? A search engine for learners.


Instinct is an interactive virtual music teacher in your browser.


Find your match: InternMatch is an online ecosystem that helps students and employers find jobs and paid or unpaid internships.

Jeff Novich

Joao Carreira

Joshua Blank

Journey Education Marketing

Digital River Education Services, Inc. (“JourneyEd”) based in Dallas, Texas, is the leading multi-channel software marketer to the K-12 and post-secondary academic markets, which include students, faculty, staff, educational institutions and public school districts.


KaosPilots is an educational system to help develop and launch entrepreneurs.


Document Peer Review

KidGrid Project

An iPhone/iPod Touch app to support teachers’ assessment of students and instructional decision-making.

Know-It-All LLC

Know-It-All employs novel science-based design to skip past unnecessary conscious effortful recall exercise and instead exercise and develop automaticity in a fast, fun, and engaging way.

Knownodes Project

Collective intelligence by idea association.


Kuder, Inc. is the leading provider of Internet-based tools and resources that help students and adults achieve their educational and career planning goals.

Leap of Faith Financial Services Inc.

We own a network of websites, including and

Learn Out Live

Learn Out Live provides private language courses and coaching for individuals. Instead of offering fixed solutions we create lesson plans and schedules anew each time.

Learning Games Network

The Learning Games Network is the hub of leadership in learning game design, and makes connections among those who care about and have a stake in digital learning games.

Learning Guide Network

The Learning Guide Network is an online directory of Learning Providers (schools, private instructors, tutors, coaches, trainers, etc.) and Learning Events (classes, lessons, workshops, seminars, lectures, etc.)


Lessontrack makes the life of any education provider better. From billing to videos taken during a lesson, to scheduling and payroll, we take the fragmented life of the educator and put everything in one place.


Teachers copy and paste anything into LessonWriter to create high-quality, standards-based lessons in minutes, not hours.

License Buddy™ personal assistant, currently available as a Google Chrome Extension, is a free tool that seamlessly integrates language learning with online daily activities, empowering users to improve their language skills.


Litmos is a new LMS, built from the ground up that’s fresh and simple to use but still delivers where you need it the most.

Little Pim

Foreign language learning for young children.


Livemocha, Inc. is the world’s largest language learning community, combining online instructional content with a global community of language learners. Livemocha offers languages learning programs in over 35 languages. The company was incorporated in 2007 and is based in Seattle, Washington.

Loecsen (

Learn to speak a new language with provided phrase translations and webcam lessons.

LRMI (Learning Resource Metadata Initiative)

The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) is working to make it easier to publish and discover quality educational content and products online.


Reclaim your brain – improve brain health and performance.

Mad Genius Games

Mad Genius Games is an interactive media and game development company currently focused on mobile platform releases ( iPhone, iPad, Android ).


Matygo is an online learning platform that provides a real classroom experience through group video chat and live documents.



Design games, simulations, & social networks. Thousands of schools use our GoVenture products. Companies hire us to develop their products.


Turns learning into a compulsive sport


Mendeley is a free reference manager and PDF organizer for students and educators.

Michael West

Michael West

Mike Cavaliere

CTO at Brainscape. User-experience developer from the digital advertising industry, and brain-wave technology hacker in spare time. Winner of the 2009 NYC Big Apps competition.


Create online learning, training, and software.

MIS Technologist Corporation

UN Citizen Ambassdor Video 2011


Phone and mobile based skills learning app.


Privatized Social Networking (Face Booking) for Parents only.


Lifelong Learning Resources

New York Institute of Management

Online Schools / Degree Programs

NextGuru is a free online platform to connect students to private tutors, music teachers & coaches instantly. Private instructors (all subject areas and experience levels) maintain a personalized online teaching profile to market themselves to students. Parents and students search, review and select teachers based on location, subject expertise, credentials, availability, rate and more.

NextStep Test Prep

NextStep is a preparatory one-on-one tutoring online service.

Night & Day Studios

Night & Day Studios creates iPhone and iPad apps for the arts, education, and entertainment.

Night Owls

Night Owls is a boutique web design and development shop that focuses in building user-friendly websites, web applications, and mobile apps for new tech startup companies, mid-size companies and educational institutions. We all have our unique skills that differ from each other, but we all share the same passion for usability. We believe usability is the key to bridging the gap between technology and users “people.”


Nuance is a technology, software, and app developer for individuals and organizations in many fields and concentrations. is a marketplace that connects instructors and students for personal lessons and tutoring.

Online College

Online College is your one-stop source for going back to school.

OpenSchool ePortfolio

OpenSchool ePortfolio is an authentic and holistic assessment tool for project-based and lifelong learning.


OpenSesame makes buying and selling eLearning courses as easy as downloading a song from iTunes.


Career Development


Learn anything with your peers – it’s online and totally free.


Learn what you love.

Parrot Learning

Do you want to learn Mandarin or another foreign language but don’t have the time to take a class or don’t want to sit a computer? With the Parrot Learning Speech Pen and companion phrasebooks, you can learn to speak and listen to a foreign language by pointing the Speech Pen at over 12,000 words and phrases in our companion books and it will accurately speak it in Mandarin including the proper pronunciation and tone. You can learn at your own speed at any time and any place. It’s like having your own tutor 24/7! The world language learning market is over $43 Billion, and until recently, learning Mandarin lagged but now presents a great market opportunity. Parrot Learning is poised to take advantage of this and then expand to other languages.

Pedro Gaspar


Pencilbot is a language app developer for iOS.


Textbooks / ebooks


Learn to speak a foreign language in a conversational language community.

PLATO Learning

Online Learning Solution, Online Learning Management System


We research and develop play in all forms to positively impact kids and families.

Prepared Small Business

Career Development

Private Lessons

Find a music teacher through our exclusive professional network.

Project NOAH

Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses


Career Development

PTC Software

“The Product Development Company”

Quest Visual (Word Lens)

Instantaneous video translation without a required internet connection.


A continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it.


Tool / Web App


Learning Games

Rigos Professional Education Programs

Rigos Professional Education Programs is a leading international provider of programs designed to prepare individuals for professional legal and accounting licensing examinations such as the BAR, CPA, and CMA exams.

RippleSend, Inc.

We empower students of all ages to manage their brands and futures with Web 3.0 digital ePortfolios.


Social notetacking & thinking together: a faster, simpler way to take notes across all of your groups.

RWL Tech, Inc.

Top performers, sales people, business executives and athletes use mental training to control thoughts and emotions.

Online mental trainer is a web-based tool that generates a custom mental training program so you can improve your performance.

Sami Harris


Schoox is an academy for self learners where everyone can bookmark, create, share, and socialize information in any format, from websites to online courses and use it efficiently to learn.

Sérgio Santos

MSc in Computer Science. Founder of Bundlr.


A community marketplace where people can discover,book, and host amazing experiences and activities.


Sifteo is a producer of games and ‘intelligent play’ devices.


Youtube meets karaoke – unleash the superstar in you.



Everyone has a skill to share: The easy way to share your skills and learn new ones, at a price negotiated by you.

Slava Menn


Continuous, adaptive “cognitive” analytics of student understanding. No costly testing. No extra work. Just insight for teachers & schools.



Spongelab Interactive

A global science community, Spongelab advances technology for teaching and learning purposes.

Student of Fortune

Smart homework help – your source for easy online homework help.


Syllabontes is a full-spectrum education innovation and networking platfrom combining the positive attributes of social networking with a set of dynamic, effective and interactive teaching and learning tools. The company develops technologies that facilitate the sharing of information among students, faculty, staff, and educational institutions. Syllabontes is built to change how people teach, learn and [...]


Online Marketplace (eBay) for Local and Online Classes


TeachStreet is an online marketplace for lifelong learning. We’ve created an easy way for teachers, schools, and students to connect and find one another.

Educational video platform watched in 20+ countries.

Tejash Unadkat

The Founder’s Library (Swombat)

The Founders Library is an online resource and library for founders on information about starting companies and organizations .

The LearnShop

We curate best-value opportunities for informal and non-traditional learning experiences with local service providers. We locate and package fun lifelong learning activities for groups and individual


TheLMSapp turns any existing LMS website into a native tablet application.

thinʞnao (thinknao) education


Tom Turnbull

Top Test Prep

Customized test prep and private tutoring solutions to get students into the best schools.

Touch Press

TouchPress creates living books (science, biology, and learning) that plan to define the future of publishing.


Customized language and culture learning for travelers: Easily speak like a native. When in Rome, talk like the Romans do.

Trivium Education

Trivium Education focuses on teaching the elementary three (grammar, logic, rhetoric) methods of learning that pertain to the mind.


Instant live language exchange.


Tutorspree is a market place for high quality tutoring.

University Research & Review LLC

We provide prospective enrollees with guidance in selecting a major and a school while helping unranked schools attract students.


Unstuck is an iPad application to help with creativity and get you ‘unstuck’ from decision and design processes.


Career Development

Upside Learning Solutions

Upside Learning is a global company providing training outsourcing, LMS solutions, custom eLearning development, and mobile learning for corporations and universities.


Career Development

Urban Planet Mobile

Urban Planet Mobile develops and distributes educational programs for mobile devices.

US History Scene

Founded in 2010, U.S. History Scene is a multimedia education and publishing company dedicated to providing life long history lovers, educators, and students with easy access to premier digital resources and scholarship. Our goal is to use innovative technology to democratize learning, help history enthusiasts realize their intellectual potential, and master United States history at the college level in a way that is entertaining, relevant, and intuitive.


Changing the way you learn languages.

Vaster Education

Vaster Education is a new resource for finding the best tutors, teachers, and trainers in NYC.


Experience the world differently: Vayable connects people with fun things to do provided by people in a community. Vayable makes it fun and easy to book tours and experiences directly from trusted experts.


Versly integrates with Word, Excel and Powerpoint making it easy for groups to stay organized and on track – Anytime, Anywhere.

Video Class

We are an education based website that covers every taught subject area in the United States. Our highly informative lessons, grouped with engaging exercises, and supplementary materials ensure that the most thorough and accurate information is being conveyed. Not only do we pride ourselves on the thoroughness of the website, we also allow our community [...]

Village 88

Village88 is a community that teaches people how to code and get jobs. For free, you can learn how to code, program, work with a personal mentor, and earn recognitions in the comunity.


VoiceClub transforms the tablets/smartphones of developing markets (BRIC) into Mobile Simulator Trainers for learning English.
It enables language students to improve their Listening and Speaking skills via Mobile devices while native speaking Teachers and Entertainers are able to convert Video clips from their favorite TV Shows and Movies on YouTube into educational materials (with promotional and commercial benefits).
It also connects students with Language Institutes, Private Teachers and other learners by way of Localization (GPS) technology, Facebook and Twitter sharing and a Social game.


We’re making the world smaller with a fun way to explore the world through your iPhone. The whole world is waiting – come Wander with us!

Wattminder Instruments

Our $150 palm-sized, Personal Experiment Platform, powered by Raspberry Pi, enables hands-on learning in STEM, anytime anywhere, for everyone.


Lifelong Learning Resources

Webrich Software

Webrich Software and Eknath Kadam are developers of multiple iOS educational apps.

Wild Knowledge

Wild Knowledge helps you turn your mobile device into a tool for gathering and accessing information.


Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses


Online Courses


Wordia is a Dictionary that combines word definitions with user uploaded videos.


Tool / Web App

Write or Die

Putting the “Prod” in Productivity – Write or Die is an application and web-based tool to help and make you write.